Thursday, November 7, 2013

The experience of beneficiaries

Dr U Srinivasa Raghavan, Chairman, Indian Postal Department (since retired)

Image Audit brings the Management closest to the customers and interpret the customers' point of view, so that the best services can be given to them.

Mr B Suresh Kamath, Managing Director,  Laser Soft Infosystems Ltd., Chennai

Image Audit helps to manage external and internal expectations, extremely well.  It  can also help to boost the performance of IT and Service Sector companies. 

Dr S P Kirubanithi, President, Bharatiya Janata Party, Tamilnadu

Image Audit is the most successful way to determine different facts about existing combination of parties and it will give an explicit and clear idea about who should be relied upon for the success in the electoral battle

Officers' Voice - January 2003 

It is also relevant to note that virtually no other trade union has undertaken an image audit.  The exercise, apart from providing feedback and suggestions, becomes a unique event in Corporation Bank Officers Organisation history and possibly in the trade union movement of our country

Shanthi Thiruchelvam Kula Lumpur, Communication Consultant, Malaysia
Image Audit(IA)is brilliant for an organisation to embark on before drawing the PR proposal. It would ease narrow the Perception Gap. An alternative terminology to IA is stakeholders audit- internal & external.

An audit of this nature and its findings would assist the PR counsultancy to draw a realistic PR calendar for the client- thus,the recommendation of the PR objectives and proposed tools can be developed strategically to position the organisation positively.

TN Ashok, Former Economic Editor of PTI and Corporate Consultant, Delhi
Image audit is an excellent tool to gauge ones image or public perception to know the good and bad about an organisaton and move forward in a positive manner.


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