Thursday, November 7, 2013

Image Audit on the employees of Tamilnadu Government employees

On behalf of Public Services International, a Federation of Public Sector Trade Unions globally headquartered at France, Prime Point conducted an Image Audit of the Tamilnadu Government employees during the last week of September 2004.

Image Audit on the employees of Tamilnadu Government employees
Government employees giving their views Government of Tamilnadu has got around 1.2 million employees. During 2003, when the employees went on strike demanding wage revision, the Government dismissed enmasse around two lakh employees. Besides thousands of employees were arrested and imprisoned.

When the employees went to Judiciary, Hon'ble Supreme Court of India upheld the orders of the Government and declared that there was no right for the Government employees to strike work. The Government subsequently reinstated all the dismissed employees withdrew all the police cases. Though the Government cancelled all its earlier orders, an inexplicable tension prevails between the Government and the employees. 

Under these circumstances, Public Services International (PSI) retained Prime Point Foundation to conduct an Image Audit of the Government employees to study their present mindset. The objective of the study was to bridge the gap between the Government and the employees.

Prime Point Team, developed a questionnaire which was administered to the Government employees in four districts Cuddalore, Vellore, Tiruchy and Chennai. The respondents were asked to fill in the questionnaire with their tick mark and drop in a box provided for.  They were asked not to reveal their identity.

There was lot of enthusiasm amongst the Government employees and they took an active participation in this process. The team collected sample from three thousand employees and analysed their mindset. PSI submitted this report to the then Chief Minister, who pro-actively initiated lot of measures to bridge the gap.  The reaction of the Government is also included in this report.

Subsequently, PSI released this report to the media for public information.

Please read the Indian Express Report on this survey.

Download the original report .


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